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ITMEK is a company with huge aspirations and imagination.

We are a team of creative designers and talented developers who work together to deliver amazing, modern designs. We are proud of the fact that what we do our best.

If you are looking for someone who can help you to implement your ideas you have – you are the right place.

Our experts will make their best for your ideas created in your mind to take the real shape.

You are kindly invited to cooperation with us.

Ours Experience


We believe that cooperation is the key to success.
Deliver idea and we will process it technologically.

IT-MEK is a company which makes dreams come true thanks to the latest developments in technology.


When designing pages, we use different tools and technologies.
Everyone has different needs, and can expect something different from the software that is specially created for him.
Our experience allows us to create different types of websites that can be used to search and collect information or, for example, the transfer of thoughts in an visually attractive way.


We design websites so that they can adapt to your mobile device. Mobile devices are an integral part of our lives, so we have to take care of making your page more attractive for users of mobile devices.

    Our project managers will help you to define objectives and ensure that the project is a success


    We inspire our Clients to the changes that lead to achieving the best results.


    We advise our Clients on technology and design solutions that fully satisfy them.


    We deliver fully functional products created in accordance with the requirements of the organization and business.

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  • 46 Projects
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